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About ASKF;
Knows Yourself

Motto of ASKF; Creating new leaders by nourishing and promoting the talent of common people is the main purpose of ASKF.
About Us

ASKF (Ability Skills Knowledge Fraternity)  is an online learning and earning platform  which aims to enhance the skills of the youth living across the world. It promotes  the talent of the humans, online education for higher education, teaching workplace skills and exploring new interests that provides certificate courses and diploma courses. ASKF offers  free International Webinars, workshops and paid short courses.
Motto of ASKF; Creating new leaders by nourishing and promoting the talent of common people is the main purpose of ASKF. 
It’s slogan is: “Sometime choosing a different path from others does not mean isolating yourself. It means: You know that who are you?” 

Opportunities don’t Happen, You Create them.

“Learning has not taken place unless the behaviour has changed.”

Our vision is to help people achieve their goals by creating solutions and practical techniques through our training and design life-changing products to ensure holistic transformation of people.


Create new programs and services to meet identified needs.
Promote trust through professional courtesy and fair treatment.

Exhibit quality in staffing, facilities, programs, and services.
Encourage creativity, innovation, and risk-taking.
Utilize systems that promote student and employee success.

Continuously evaluate and improve our systems and policies.
Establish and communicate clearly defined and articulated goals and objectives.

Ensure fair and equal access for all.
Seek and consider multiple points of view.

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